Friday, 3 August 2007

A Tale of Two Summers

Here are five differences between summer in London and summer in Sydney:

Temperature: There is a reasonable chance that the maximum temperature for a summer day in London will be similar to the maximum the same day in Sydney, where is it winter.

Day length: The sun setting around 9pm even a month after the solstice is one of the highlights of the London summer.

"Football": In Australia, the top soccer (football to the English) league now plays in summer. In England, summer is the time for professional rugby league (football to most Sydneysiders).

Ice Cream Vans: In summer, the ice cream vans come out no matter how warm it isn't, and here, that means many different tunes floating down the street. As I remember it, ice cream vans in Sydney generally all play the same tune.

Parks: While I have been pleased to see many people playing informal games of cricket, the parks in London lack public barbecues. Instead, whenever the sun is out for an hour, the locals seem to head to the park to strip down, lie down, and roast themselves.

I may as well give 10 points to the first person to name the park in the picture


Crazyjedidiah said...

Well i guess there are some similarities and some differences between Pommy summers and aussie summers. But i reckon the biggest difference is the time of year.

Jonathan said...

Summer in Berlin is currently a nice crunchy thunderstorm!

tdix said...

Hyde Park

tdix said...

Please post on Berlin and Amsterdam soon!

Jonathan said...

No, not Hyde Park in either city, but that would have been more appropriate for this post, so Tim gets five points for pointing it out!

Jonathan said...

Then again, there are parks with this name in both cities, too.