Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sledging bingles

A NZ ex-cricketer, cricket CEO and cricketer have come out saying that sledging Michael Clarke over his bingle/bungle (Kiwis can't tell the difference, after all) in his relationship. That hardly brought a response, but somewhere in there teammate Michael Hussey opined that it would indeed be "going a bit too far", and that brought on comments galore.

There's a lesson in that.

While still looking for lessons on sledging, isn't it interesting how these stories tend to prompt writers to include the stock list of all-time famous sledges? Isn't it even more interesting that nearly all of them aren't in the list because of the original sledge, but for the response?


Soulberry said...

It is difficult to stand as a judge upon mankind, and I am not suitable for that, but let's have a go anyway.

There is an inevitability about comments when life goies sour in public...especially personal life.

When that personal life involves a relationship, comments are furious and cruel.

Analysis is different from mocking.

One could analyze,if it is any concern of those who do, the lives of Clarke or Woods...most mock M Clark. Where Woods may have earned it, what's Clarke done than be run over?

Sledgeing about it is not done..but I realize that it will happen too.

Jonathan said...

Analysis is analysis. It is often suggested that Ponting's marriage has had a lot to play in making him a more suitable captain, and it is just as possible that Clarke's situation could have negative impacts. Whose business it is to make such an observation is another matter.

I am inclined to accept Richardson and Martin's expectations that the mocking/sledging won't come from NZ players. I can't imagine any of them getting into it unless for some reason Clarke already has a very bad personal relationship with them. For the fans, it is not such a personal issue, although perhaps they should think of it in those terms.

However, Hussey's comments (admittedly possibly misreported) haven't helped, bringing predictable responses displaying varying levels of sense. If he wants to keep personal life and on field activities separate, he would be better advised not to keep his support for a friend in a personal crisis related away from on-field topics. Such is the nature of sledging, as I feel is illustrated by the rest of my post.

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