Friday, 5 March 2010

Howard embraces ICC-speak

I have spent most of the last 10 years studying, mainly mathematics. This explains why I haven't had all sorts of experience that might be considered useful for all sorts of positions. The experience I have had might be just as useful for some of these positions, and for others is might even be more appropriate, but whenever missing skills are considered important, I can't simply say that I couldn't have pursued them and completed my studies at the same time!

John Howard has no experience in cricket administration. It's not hard to find arguments for his appointment on the grounds that his experience is at least as good for the ICC vice-president's position (if it matters). His reply, on the other hand is simply to point out that we know what he was doing instead:
''I think the fact I haven't been involved in cricket administration is explained by the fact I had a day job which made that rather difficult."

All I can say is that he clearly has skill in giving completely irrelevant response. He is a good fit for the ICC!


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He's waffling already. Good on him, the git.