Monday, 2 March 2009

Fish's stomach or stomach bug?

Sydney has had enough shark attack stories recently to make it seem like Perth. Apparently there are a lot of fish around, a lot of sharks eating the fish, and in the dawn or dusk they might go after a surfer or diver.

This morning the state Primary Industries Minister was on the radio responding to claims the government has neglected protection of swimmers from sharks. He said the way to be "100% safe" when swimming was to go to a swimming pool or something like that. This is a few days after news stories about cryptosporidium in public pools. If you want 100% safety while swimming, perhaps you'd better not swim. I'm not sure what "100% safe" activities you could take up instead, but summer's over now anyway.


Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

can't believe that kid got attacked at my local, North Avalon. I used to surf there for many years before school, reckon he probably goes to Barrenjoey as well..

Jonathan said...

Bit of a shock, isn't it? I don't remember the last time there was a shark attack story in Sydney, let alone 3 in a couple of weeks.