Monday, 25 May 2009

Whinging at Poms

Now Ricky Ponting has joined the discussion about the forthcoming opening Ashes Test's 'move' from Lord's to Sophia Gardens. Since pres-series interviews these days tend to be exercises in psychology rather than honesty, I don't think we can conclude that he actually expected the schedule to resemble that of 2005 to start with.

What is the effect he's after, though? All I can think is that he wants to remind the English (and Welsh?) of their poor record in St John's Wood to maximise Australia's 'psychological advantage' in the 2nd Test. Maybe if he'd pulled it off, he just might have been able to make it sound like England have resorted to such scheduling because they don't have much hope otherwise. In reality, he just comes across as a whinging schoolboy who wishes things were more "comfortable" for his team.


scorpicity said...

I often wonder what this obsession for the Ashes is about especially by the English fans.

There is a big T20 WC tournament happening and there is a good chance that many don't make it for the Ashes after sustaining injuries.

Why do they think so far ahead?

Jonathan said...

Surely you're not suggesting that Test cricket has died so much that 6 weeks is too long before a decent Test Series to be interested... Of course, if the squad hadn't just been named, it probably wouldn't in the news - good timing by someone.

As for injuries, big events have always had such a build-up, and are the players actually more likely to get injured in a few T20 games than when they would have been playing county cricket for six weeks instead?

scorpicity said...

6 weeks is ok Jon... But I know this build-up has been around for over 2 years largely seen in fan discussion forums and columnists.