Monday, 1 June 2009

It's cool

A year ago I was somewhere over Siberia, having spent 8 hours in a hot awindy Beijing. Apart from the short and nervous trip back to England's "summer", though, I've been back in Australia for a while, and this is my second winter back in Sydney. After going through the London version 4.5 times, last year it didn't seem like winter at all.

A year sure makes a difference! I've already started to feel it this year. It was only when we had to evacuate as part of a drill today and I remembered evacuating into the evening air just before Christmas one year that I remembered just how cold this weather isn't.


Stani Army said...

I may be bias Jonathan but I love the British weather. My main reason is that I cannot sleep without my duvet....and a duvet is one thing you cannot sleep with in hot weather (unless your wife/husband's name is Duvet of course).

Jonathan said...

For comparison, the forecast for the Oval on Saturday is as cold as any of the days we've had here so far - my standards really have changed!

I'm not a huge fan of exceedingly hot weather, but there is something in between. Interestingly, what I've got on the bed now is more than we ever had in London - it isn't quite cold enough here for people to use central heating, so we're actually used to colder temperatures indoors!