Sunday, 20 December 2009

From west to west

Despite the names, Western Australia is nearly as far as you can get from the West Indies. I can't pull up a personal story about cricket at the WACA. The best I can do is that I changed a nappy in the carpark there last winter. Rather than stands, it is the WACA pitch itself that has changed recently. My opinion after the first day was almost the opposite of that offered by the groundsman in Napier - that with the pitch ready to grow lane markers and neither team boasting a great attack, a result was unlikely.

Given that, Ricky's non-reappearance in the first innings was significant, and even apart from that, I thought the declaration showed a bit too much faith in his bowlers. As it turned out, the Rooty Hill RSL boy and co. did pretty well and it was the batsmen who were embarrassed, as the Windies set up an interesting chase. The fourth day was a great example not so much of quality cricket, but of the wonderful nature of cricket as a contest with a rhythm of its own.

The Australians managed to take wickets just often enough to enjoy it, but not enough to finish the game. Now they search for one last wicket as the target creeps closer. Will this be as exciting as Adelaide in 1993?


Wasim said...

You have a valid point but Australia had too much time at that stage and Yousaf was using negative bowling technique it wasn't all that easy to score fast out there.

Jonathan said...

Wasim, I certainly don't want to put all the blame on one person, but it seemed to me that the negative bowling was directed mainly at Watson in particular, and that being in the 90s was a big part of the reason for choosing this tactic. I don't think it would have been so successful if scoring a century hadn't become such a big deal.