Friday, 12 February 2010

Fun in the sun

Despite crazy scores in the warm-up in Canberra, the first two matches of this series have made Gayle east his words, or at least his 4-1 prediction. He seems to have switched tactics, looking to lull Doug the rug in to a false sense of security. Then again, maybe he's just being speaking straight, after all, he seems to know what cricket is all about - "If we can get to 2-1, we can get things happening for us. We need to make it more interesting so you can get some more ticket sales."!

In any case, the Australians now head out into the surprising heat in Sydney, to see what happens in the next match. The four changes to the lineup might be construed as levelling things up to some extent, but the real issue is how the Caribbean batsmen face the pace trio.


Kartikeya said...

I think he's lulled him into a true sense of security :)

Jonathan said...

The sun and the heat didn't last long, did they?

Kartikeya, as far as such a thing can exist in sport, yes, but surely that wasn't Gayle's intention? Am I just getting too cynical?