Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thwarted captain?

The headline of the article from PA Sport at the Cricket Australia site is still thwarting all of my attempts to make any sense of it.

More interesting than that is claim that he “was sent in at the top of the order”. If he's not the one making those decisions, does that mean he's in the team for his batting after all?


David Barry said...

I would guess that the "sent in" bit was the journalist not thinking.

That headline is astonishingly bad. Perhaps it's going off the bit where he says he'll drop down the order once Watson comes back? So he's thwarting any efforts to encourage him to open the batting. The subeditor then applies the usual 'get rid of lots of words' rule to headlines, and you get the near-nonsensical result.

Jonathan said...

I expect you're right on both counts, David. It was just a bit much for me - even allowing for the fact that they were probably the work of two different people, after reading the headline and that sentence, I just couldn't keep going!

Anonymous said...

Funny headline, good pick-up.

He's been thwarting the no3 position in twenty/20s for quite some time.

And he thwarts the last overs slog in one day cricket as we have seen recently.

He must be knackered from all that thwarting.