Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Performing cricketers

This morning (London time) there was a cricket game on in Sydney. The Twenty20 format seems to be more about drawing crowds and puttnig on a show than a serious contest, but that Australian captain Ricky Ponting's dislike of it didn't seem to stop him and his team recording an emphatic victory over the demoralised English.

There are some other competitions that are definitely about putting on a show. Amy is quite keen on the celebrity/professional performance competitions that have been on TV lately, such as Strictly Come Dancing. The 2005 edition of this dancing event was won by fast bowler Darren Gough, and the next year Mark Ramprakash was invited to compete. Apparently his reply was
"Look, mate, I'm really sorry but it's not my thing. If you can get me on the football show on Sky I'll happily do that'."

but at some point he must have changed his mind, since in the final on 23 December, he came out top. So, when Mark Butcher appeared on Just the Two of Us singing duets with Sarah Brightman and generally sounding better than all the other duos, I started to wonder whether English cricketers were winnning everything except the cricket. As it turned out, they weren't quite popular enough with the voting public, and were the first of the three finalists to be eliminated, but it still leaves me wondering just what is it with these English cricketers?


Crazyjedidiah said...

I think that it must be because they are not so good at cricket so they have to do something to make the public notice them. Go Aussie Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

natto said...

What is it with those English cricketers?

Um, for a start, they're English...

Simon Elliott said...

Each of those guys (those who have won or competed in other competitions) have performed really well at times for England at Cricket in the past, unfortunately England can't seem able to regularly put 11 talented cricketers on the park. Whether they can sing or dance is somewhat irrelevant. Maybe they are all very talented, maybe James Anderson has a PHD in Chemistry, maybe Geraint Jones knows how to catch (no probably not). THen again, perhaps we are just seeing how much extra time cricketers have on their hands.
The Australians maybe catching the disease Brett Lee has released a single in India and it is at Number 4 this week.
Radio in Australia seem to be debating whether the song is a joke or a serious effort at entering the recording industry, Pray for Brett's sake that it is a joke.


Jonathan said...

Yes, Simon, all three of the people I mentioned have been more than decent cricketers. I rate Darren Gough in particular quite highly, and the two batsman have just had impressive seasons with Surrey. Ramprakash actually average over 100 this year, and some even suggested he should be in the Ashes team! Obviously singing and dancing are irrelevant to their cricket performance, but I can tell you that they have now impressed quite a few people for whom their cricket is irrelevant!

Brett Lee's You're the one for me has now climbed to number 3 in India, so he defintiely seems to fit in the same category. I don't think it's the same disease though, as he has always been reasonably serious about his music, formsin gthe band Six and Out with some NSW teammates. Having said that, I find it hard to see this single as an attempt to break into the recording industry. It looks more like a simple realisation that someone with Lee's reputation is going to sell lots of anything in India. Getting back to Twenty20, it's sort of like picking Andrew Johns to play in a cricket match in Newcastle.

Benny D said...

Man English cricketers may be doing everything else apart from winning cricket, and Bingers single is smashing up indai, and I have read he is palnning on pulling out an album, but don't diss Joey's twenty20 cricket, if NSW didn't have all their bowlers in the Australian squad then maybe Joey would have scored our winning runs!

Jonathan said...

BG, it doesn't matter how good you think Joey is when you're sunstruck, or even how good he actually is, but he wasn't picked 'cause he could play cricket, was he?

andrew said...

Hi Jonathan,

Just dropping by. The English finally won a game yesterday against the Kiwis (apparently its not that hard to win against them at the moment). However, the English almost made a meal of their run chase.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for dropping by, Andrew. I heard the end of that game on Tuesday morning before breakfast. One of the English commentators was expecting the Australian media to start saying that the English hadn't won on the mainland all summer!