Friday, 26 January 2007


Yesterday morning we woke up to find snow everywhere. It was probably the most snow we'd seen in London since January three years ago, but maybe I just think that because the snow in February 2005 didn't seem that impressive just after I'd returned from Lausanne. Anyway, as someone who hadn't been in snow until coming here, I noticed again that snow is:

Cold: sort of obvious, but somehow it still always surprises me!

Fragile: it disappears when you touch it, and is great when it crunches underfoot.

Fun: I saw some kids scooping snow of the cars and carrying huges balls down the street, not to mention all the snowfights.

Transforming: somehow, it almost seems like a new world when everything is covered in a blanket of snow, even to some extent on the warm roads where the snow didn't settle.

Troublesome: as well as requiring more care when walking, the roads and trains don't cope too well, but even then, Amy managed to get a delayed train to work that was earlier than her normal one!

Temporary: in colder climates it is different, but it was amazing to see the snow receding through the morning, until at midday we were back in the old world again.

White: very, very white! There are a lot of things that we call white, but snow is white. This is probably the thing that kept striking me the most, and made me think of and understand the picture of Psalm 51:7, being washed whiter than the snow.


tdix said...

'Snow place like home with temperatures in the 30s.

Jonathan said...

It depends what sort of degrees you're using!

Crazyjedidiah said...

let it snow let it snow let it snow
I like cool weather

Jonathan said...

Is that why you're heading south?