Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Always take the weather with you

Yesterday we nearly had four sesons in one day, but the rain didn't really take off. Apart from that, the last week or so has been full of gloriously sunny autumn days. Of course, exactly what this looks like depends on how many English trees there are around, but in any case it's quite nice.

In contrast, during the two weeks of school holidays, there were 14 consecutive rainy (mainly drizzly) days. Being the first time this had happened in Sydney in at least 15 years, it was more familiar to me than most. The London-style weather even went with us when we headed to Albury for a long weekend, even though it hadn't rained there since time immemorial (for months, at least). It rained nearly all the way back up the Hume Highway, and while the land clearly needed it, it's only natural to wonder how we managed to have the rain with us for all 16 days of the holidays.

Anyway, I'll keep enjoying the autumn until I fly off, landing in a London summer. I might have to find a way to kill eight hours in a Beijing transit lounge, but I'm told I'd better be home soon.

The photo is from the one day in London when the camera came out despite overcast and rainy weather. Five points for the name of the tallest building, ten for guessing where I was standing (unless you were there). Five points for counting the references to song titles, too.

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