Friday, 23 May 2008

Do not pass word, do not transfer $200

The problem with being able to do so many things online is that everything needs a password. Now, I think I'm reasonably good with passwords and could remember a few different passwords, pass codes and memorable words, and even which one goes with which account, if I could simply choose a strong password for each account.

But these days, half the accounts require particular versions of password strength. This one needs letters and numbers; that one upper and lower case. This one must be more than 8 characters; the other 6-8 and case doesn't matter.

I end up putting in a 11 character long word, when I was only allowed to use 8 to start, or something equally silly. Then, I start trying other things that I know aren't right, and of course each attempt is like rolling a double - have another go, and after three goes I'm in jail, or rather, locked out. Unfortunately, another double can't get you out again. It might not cost $50, but if it's a serious account, it's at least a phone call, not necessarily to the same country and/or timezone.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd find it much easier if the login screen told me what restrictions had been placed on the magic word to start with. If I didn't have to stop and think "Was this the one that had to have two digits, or was that so-and-so", I just might get it right.

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Jonathan said...

For the record, I paid $50 to get out of jail in (NSW charity version) Monopoly the other night, forgetting all about my get out free card. The birthday boy was the winner.